C50 Engine

A simple and reliable engine for the youngest.

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A simple and reliable engine for the youngest.

The C50 is a simple and reliable engine that has been tried and tested on circuits all over the world. Today the model is the market leader for the Baby category. Made to equip the Kid Kart chassis, it is intended for drivers ages 5 to 8. The simple design includes an integrated fuel tank and exhaust, pull ring ignition, dry clutch, and forced air cooling. The carburetor is a 14 mm diameter guillotine model.

  • 2-stroke single cylinder engine
  • Starter – Pull
  • Model – C-50
  • Bore – 40 mm
  • Stroke – 38 mm
  • Displacement – 48 cc
  • Cylinder – Chrome-plated
  • Ignition – Electric
  • Clutch – Centrifugal
  • Carburator – Ø 14
  • Bell sprocket – Z-10

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