TAG Zero 125 Engine

Top entertainment on track.

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Top entertainment on track

High-performance, reliable, and robust, the TAG Zero 125 is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to have fun at “amateur” prices.

The main features of this 2-stroke 125 cc engine are liquid cooling with internal pump, electric ignition, dry centrifugal clutch, reed valve intake system, countershaft, electric starter.

2-stroke single cylinder engine
Starter – electric
Model – Tag Zero 125
Bore – 54 mm
Stroke – 54 mm
Displacement – 125 cc
Number of transfer ducts – 5
Accensione – Elettronica

Maximum rotations:
  • 16.000 rpm
  • 15.000 rpm for the KF class with partializer exhaust valve
  • 14.000 rpm for the KFJ class without partializer exhaust valve
  • 14.000 rpm for the KF4 class

Electronic rev limiter as per CIK-FIA regulations

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